Banana omelette/pancake?

I can’t remember who suggested this to me, but I think it was someone on the Babycentre forum. Basically if you have some ripe bananas that need using up, mash one up and add in an egg and mix them together, then fry the mixture. You can either cook it in small circles or all of it as a big pancake. It’s often the best way to get my daughter to eat egg and banana – and I’m quite happy to eat what she doesn’t!


Basic cooking – white sauce

I am the type of person who likes to cook by look/feel rather than by following a recipe, when I can. I like to know the theory & then I can make adjustments. I’ve never been too sure about making white sauce, I’m not quite sure why, I’ve done it before, but then forgotten the measurements. I recently found it out again & made a note of it, so wanted to note it down here, to remind myself.

50g Butter (melted)
50g Flour
500ml Milk

Add ingredients to a pan in that order. The other day, I just wanted to make a small amount, so did 10g, 10g & 100ml!