Snowflake (almost brownie) cake


I made these last night. I know Christmas is over (we also took down the decorations last night), but I realised I hadn’t used my silicon snow flake muffin tray (Aldi special). Well the last 2 days has been the closest to snow we’ve had so far this winter (with hail), so I decided to use it.

This was my chuck it together recipe, in other words: weigh eggs, everything else that measurement, with a bit more flour/cocoa. I ended up over doing the cocoa though, because I decided to use up the last of it, so it turned into a bit of a brownie consistency. I then added some milk! A bit odd in cake, but seemed to work. I used salt free butter, straight from the fridge, which caused some problems for the electric whisk!! In the end, with the addition of butter icing in the middle of them (& mini ones made with the rest of the cake mixture), they taste very good!