Dear daughter…

…my darling toddler, I appreciate that you have teeth coming through, which could be causing you pain & discomfort, which is why I offered you pain relief. You are still crying. I trying staying in the room quietly in case it was a separation anxiety thing – you sat yourself up & tried to reach me through the bars of your cot. I don’t like leaving you to cry, but it seems more affective than staying in the room with you, at least then there is a few minutes of silence before you start complaining again. I know I was foolish to not go to bed earlier and stayed up to eat and watch TV (that I’d prefer you didn’t watch). Your intermittent sleep/cry pattern is a tease to my sleep. Daddy can sleep through it, but those cries cut through my sleep, and leave me waiting to see if there will be more! If you’d like a happy, refreshed Mummy, then allowing me a bit more sleep would be much appreciated, I’ll never make up for the last few nights missed sleep, but one good night would be a token offering!

Yours with much love,
Your sleep deprived Mummy.


Breastfeeding Peer support training

Yesterday I had a phone call to say that I had a place on the accredited training to be a breastfeeding peer support! I put my name down & agreed with work that I would sacrifice alternate Sunday mornings if needed, to guarantee me the 10 Friday mornings free, so I’m really glad I’m able to do it! I’ve been trying to learn from others, but want to learn properly, so I’m not just going by my experience or other peoples 2nd hand advice!

My daughter is 15.5 months now & I’m still breastfeeding her. I never knew how long I’d keep going for, but after the difficult start, I’m kind of just seeing how it goes. She’s now up to 6 teeth fully through the gums & about 2-3 others trying to make an appearance, BUT she’s not been too bad in terms of biting, otherwise I probably would have stopped by now. I’d like to stop by 2, so I’m hoping her love of Mummy milk with fizzle out…or more likely a bit of tough love might be needed. She’ll happily drink cows milk from a sippy cup, but if I’m around she’ll always to get some directly! The hand down the top these days is her less subtle technique at getting her message across!