‘Not always right’ website

I love this website, there are always funny stories on it & normally updates with a new story at least every day.

I’ll fully admit I’ve copied and pasted from here

(I work at the circulation desk at a small academic library.)

Patron: *very red-faced* “Um, can you do something?”
Me: “…about?”
Patron: “There’s a woman in the computer lab and she… um…”
(My coworker and I finally manage to get it out of the stammering, embarrassed man that a woman apparently has breastfed her infant and forgot to ‘tuck herself back in’ after the infant was finished eating.)
Coworker: “Oh, boy. You want this one?”
Me: “Got it.”
(I walk up to the woman and lean down quietly to her ear.)
Me: “Ma’am, I’m very sorry, but we don’t allow open-drink containers in the library.”



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